Our Philosophy

At Westside Psychotherapy we believe that psychological symptoms and problems must be understood in the context of an individual’s whole life and circumstances. Psychological health, which is so important to our feelings of well being and satisfaction in life, is not simply a matter of masking or suppressing symptoms. Anxiety, depression, and even some physical symptoms, are often the expression of underlying psychological stresses and conflicts. We make every effort to help our clients to become more self aware and creatively responsive to the circumstances of their lives.

There are a number of common life themes that may lead someone to seek the services of a psychotherapist – anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addictive behaviors, or a general feeling of being stuck while life is passing by are some of the many issues that can be addressed in therapy. However common the symptoms may be, the individual experiencing them is utterly unique. We believe that effective therapy must honor the uniqueness of individuals while we strive to help our clients to become more alive, more authentic and more effective in their lives

Our Approach

In our initial meeting we will endeavor to develop a mutual understanding of you and your needs. Based on this understanding, the therapist will recommend an approach to treatment that he or she feels will be most effective in helping you to achieve your goals.

A brief number of sessions may identify and clarify the personal issues confronting someone at a moment in time, helping the individual to design a healthy response to his or her current circumstances.

Long term psychodynamic psychotherapy addresses deeper conflicts and issues that may be unresolved from childhood or prior traumas. Bringing these issues to consciousness in the context of a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship most often stimulates growth, beneficial change and the making of more life affirming choices.

People at all stages of life can benefit from effective psychotherapy. Whether one is experiencing distressing symptoms or looking to enhance personal growth, at Westside Psychotherapy we can co-create a therapeutic process with your individual needs in mind

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