Ken Waldman, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 16335

II have been in private practice as a psychotherapist working with adults, adolescents and couples since 1973. My specialties include working with couples in crisis and psychodynamic psychotherapy with adults and adolescents. Along with the traditional training required for a licensed psychologist, I have experience in a variety of non-traditional healing modalities, and bring to my practice an integrated knowledge of numerous theoretical perspectives and approaches to helping individuals create positive changes in their lives. It is my belief that effective psychotherapy can be of significant benefit to people who are experiencing psychological distress.

Psychodynamic, or psychoanalytic therapy is a humanistic approach to understanding the fullness and complexity of human experience. My approach to psychotherapy is rooted in an attempt to understand my clients from their own point of view, and to support the potential for growth that brought them into therapy in the first place. Psychotherapy can help individuals to alleviate emotional and psychological pain, improve their relationships and increase the overall satisfaction in their lives. Clients have often described the process as learning how to live more comfortably in their own skin.

Psychological symptoms, including depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic relationship difficulties and a host of psychological maladies are often an expression of some imbalance in a person’s life. We live life as whole people, even though we may be quite unconscious of how our beliefs, attitudes and repetitive behaviors may be having a negative impact on us. I help my clients to see how their own unconscious behaviors, which are often carried forward from early childhood, are affecting their life experience in the present. Bringing unconscious behavior into consciousness enables one to make more creative and life affirming choices. My own approach to therapy is oriented towards creating change by stimulating and supporting insight, understanding and personal growth.

Along with my private practice I supervise interns and lead a case consultation group for therapists. I am also a published author, a sporadic adjunct professor, and an intrepid wilderness traveler.

My areas of experience include couples in crisis, intercultural couples, adolescents having difficulty navigating the changes at that time of life, and adults who are stuck in some emotionally painful place and find themselves repeating ineffective behaviors.

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