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Therapy with Children, Adults and Couples
If you are thinking about beginning therapy or bringing your child to see a therapist, you have probably noticed a pattern in your life that you can’t seem to change. Due to these patterns, there is often depression, anxiety, an inability to sustain gratifying relationships and a sense of inner emptiness.

My goal is to provide a warm and supportive environment in which people can experience difficult emotions and come to understand themselves better. I believe my strength is my ability to connect with my patients in a real and open way. Through this experience they can address unresolved issues and change distressing patterns that prevent them from moving forward in their lives.

With children I use a Play Therapy model to help children express what is troubling them when they are not able to verbally express their thoughts and feelings. Through play, children learn more adaptive behaviors and gain insight and resolution of inner conflicts or dysfunctional thinking. I work well with parents in coordinating a collaborative treatment for the child.

Additional areas of focus with children include:
Self esteem issues
Children exposed to domestic violence
Children with traumatic histories

Additional areas of focus with adults and couples include:
Young adults establishing their identity and transitioning from adolescence to adulthood
Life transitions such as marriage, parenthood, re-entry into the workforce, change of career, divorce, and grief
Cultural issues and bridging two cultures
Feeling lost, empty, dissatisfied and trying to reconnect with previous vitality

Clinical Experience and Training includes:
The development of a program for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
The Wright Institute Los Angeles, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Julia Ann Singer, Child and Family Therapy
The Abuse Prevention Program at Southern California Counseling Center, with an emphasis on domestic violence

2007 Effects of Domestic Violence on Boys, ‘The Los Angeles Psychologist’ May/June, 3, 8-9.

B.A. University of Southern California (USC)
M.A. California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP)
Psy.D. California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP)

Insurance and Payment
If you have an insurance plan that allows for out-of-panel providers, I will submit an insurance claim electronically to your carrier for reimbursement. I accept payment by check, cash or Visa and Mastercard.

I can be reached at 310-471-1368 or via mail for questions or to schedule an appointment.

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