Barbara Waldman, LMFT

Do you often find yourself wishing that you felt better, or that you could get more out of living? Do you sometimes feel yourself stuck somewhere, unable to feel progress or movement in your life? I have practiced psychotherapy in the Los Angeles area for 34 years, and I bring years of creative life experiences along with continuing exploration of psychoanalytic and humanistic perspectives to my practice. I have also studied alternative and non-traditional healing techniques from a number of cultures. I work with adults and couples in all stages of the life cycle.

My compassionate approach helps individuals to feel understood and supported. I help my clients to expose the underlying sources of their difficulties and to become conscious of the thoughts, feelings and life experiences that are at the root of their internal suffering. Positive growth and the healing of emotional wounds is stimulated and supported in the process of coming to know one’s self more fully.

Unrealistic expectations of one’s self can be ingrained in early childhood and are often developed in order to survive traumatic life experiences. These often unconscious and deeply held beliefs and expectations are frequently the real causes of depression, anxiety and relationship conflicts. Bringing these unconscious issues into conscious awareness helps individuals and couples to make lasting positive changes in their lives. If you are willing to invest in yourself and your future through the therapeutic process, I can help you to create lasting positive and meaningful changes in your life.

I have deep respect for the many possibilities inherent in human life. I believe that psychotherapy can illuminate the sources of psychological conflicts and help individuals to expand their possibilities and improve their relationships. It is often psychological difficulties that interfere with our desire to form secure connections in our relationships. I have been fortunate to have assisted many couples in furthering their intimacy, communication and connection with each other.

My husband and I often work conjointly with couples. We are able to co-create a dynamic and safe environment that supports each individual’s ability to listen and to be listened to. There are many couples whose ability to love and relate positively with each other is stuck in a cycle of negative emotions and repeating behaviors. As a couple we understand the difficulties inherent in the process when separate individuals endeavor to create a secure and intimate relationship. We have found that we are often more effective in helping couples to change when we work as a team.

The natural world is my spiritual home. My husband and I live in Topanga Canyon and regularly hike in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. I believe that challenging myself physically, spiritually and emotionally helps me to live a more expansive and meaningful life. My extensive world and wilderness travel experiences have given me a perspective that facilitates my work with individuals and couples from all parts of the globe.

I have extensive experience in:
Childhood trauma
Personality disorders
Relationship issues
Intercultural couples

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